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Share Instantly

With just a tap, scan, or send, you can instantly exchange contact information, social media profiles, websites, payment apps, files, videos, images, and more.


Just tap one of our Tapy smart products to an iPhone or Android to share without them needing an app.


With Tapy, you can also share your profile through a QR code 


Easily send your digital business card using various methods such as text messages, custom links, email signatures, and more

Capture Leads

Easily capture leads and share contact information. Utilize the exchange contact button and review leads in your custom dashboard

Effortless Contact Sharing

Your Leads can easily save all of your contact information, including phone numbers, emails, location, social media profiles, and website URLs, to their contacts with just a tap of a button.

Lead Capture Button

Capture leads efficiently by utilizing the exchange contact button in your profile, which is accessible when you share your profile with others.

Your Leads, Saved

Easily access and review all of your leads in the “Exchanged Contacts” section of your custom dashboard, where you can view them by date and time of day

Grow Faster

Maximize your connections, leads, and sales with Tapy. Connect with potential customers in the moment, rather than relying on them to follow up later.

Maximize Your Networking Impact

With Tapy, you can track the success of your interactions and make informed decisions about where to allocate your resources for the greatest impact

More Reviews & Engagement

Boost your social media engagement and collect more 5 star reviews than ever before 

Eliminate Competition

Stand out from the competition by offering a modern and convenient way to exchange contact information

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Frequently Asked Questions

What phones can my Tapy product and Tapy QR code share to?
Tapy products use NFC technology and can share to any iPhone XR, XS, 11, 12, 13 or SE (2nd generation) with just a single tap. Tapy products can also share to most Androids on the market today, as long as the Android has NFC turned on. See how to pop to all devices here: Tapy QR codes (PopCodes) can share to all iPhones and every Android that can read QR codes (over 90%). PopCodes are very consistent, have unlimited scans and can be customized. See all compatible phones here:
Does the person I’m meeting need an app to receive my info?
Nope! That’s the beauty of Tapy, the other person doesn’t need an app or a Tapy product to receive your info. Your profile opens in their browser, which every smartphone has. Shop all products here: All Products
Does Tapy require a subscription to use?

No, Tapy does not require a monthly subscription in order to use and benefit from Tapy products. We do have Tapy Pro and Tapy Teams but those are for additional business features and are completely optional

How do I connect my business info to my Tapy product or QR code?

Using the Tapy app or Tapy Teams, you can set up your digital business card for free right now. Once you create your digital business card, you can use your in-app QR code to start sharing immediately. If you purchase a Tapy product, as soon as you receive it in the mail you will activate the device to your digital business card and all of your info will connect.

Can I have more than one Tapy product activated to my digital business card?

Yes! You can activate an unlimited number of products to your single digital business card. Many of our customers have a Tapy tag on their phone, a card in their wallet and a keychain on their keys

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