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What is Tapy Teams

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Digital Business Cards

Create, distribute, and manage digital cards across your team for maintaining brand consistency.

Lead Management

Capture 300% more leads on average. View, manage, and export team-wide leads with one central contact book.

Powerful Integrations

Export to your CRM, sync team members from HR platforms, automate data entry, create marketing flows, and more.

Measure ROI at Events

Measure key KPIs, identify top performers, and learn the ins-and-outs of your team. Export your data at any time.

Key Benefits

Share With Anyone

Others don’t need an app or a Tapy device

Brand Consistency

Use templates and bulk edits to maintain cards at scale.

Security is Key

We protect your privacy at all times and never share.

24/7 Support

We’re here to help with free setup, onboarding, and more.

Unlimited Cards

As your team grows, we grow with you.

Free Smart Products

Choose from our industry leading selection of devices.

Create Sub-teams

Organize your team with subteams and groups.

Best Mobile App

Members can share on the go using our top rated app.

Industry Leading Features

Team and Device Management

• Popl Teams makes it easy to manage every member of your team with templates, subteams, duplication, and bulk edits.
• As employees join or leave, you can create, reassign, or deactivate devices and QR codes. Flexibility is key as your business evolves.

Instant Onboarding

Popl has partnered with Azure Active Directory to allow for instant member syncs from your company directory. Sending email invites, importing CSV files, and creating new digital cards are also available.

5000+ Integrations

• As the market leader, Popl Teams has the most customizable integrations for connecting CRMs, HR platforms, and marketing flows.

• Turn on Auto Sync™ to instantly send leads to any CRM and completely eliminate data entry.

• Explore over 5000+ integrations with our Zapier app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Using bulk creation tools such as instant sync with Azure Active Directory, CSV import and bulk creation of cards from scratch, Tapy Teams allows you to have your team setup with digital cards within seconds.

Bulk edits, templates and card duplication make editing multiple cards quick and easy. Our platform also handles member invites, ordering of free Tapy devices and device activation automatically, allowing you to spend minimal time on setup.

When a member leaves your team, our dashboard allows you to deactivate their digital card and re-assign their Tapy device without needing the device physically with you. The digital card and device can then either be claimed by a new member of the team or removed for good.

Of course, all leads captured by the deactivated member will still remain accessible to the admins via the Leads tab.

With a Tapy Teams subscription, we provide free Tapy devices for each team member, including replacements! If a device is lost, broken or stolen, we are always ready to re-send at any time.

Tapy Teams directly integrates with:
– Salesforce
– HubSpot
– Microsoft Dynamics
– Zoho
– Pipedrive
– Follow Up Boss

We also integrate with almost every single CRM on the planet with our Zapier app! Our Zapier app can connect to 5000+ apps and if you’d like help setting up a connection through Zapier

Tapy digital business cards are designed to capture leads quickly and efficiently. Leads can be captured in 4 ways:

– Via the customizable “Save Contact” form that is on every digital card
– Via our AI-powered business card scanner
– Via Lead Capture Mode™ which instantly captures leads when a member uses their Tapy QR code or Tapy device
– Via the Tapy mobile app when a team member meets another Tapy user or creates a lead from scratch

Tapy Teams can be used by teams of any size ranging from 5 members to 100,000+ members.

If your team has less than 5 members, we recommend checking out Tapy Pro

Yep! You can order a free Tapy device + replacements for each member included in your Tapy Teams subscription.

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If you have a team smaller than 5 members, we recommend Tapy Pro